Issue about Thea Render extension


I m Thea Render newbie so I m not really know how to install it . I searched this plugin here yesterday and unzip it , I saw there are 2 files , one is material and other is plugin so I took out the Thea rb and rbs files and put them to my sketch up shippedextionsions file but I don’t know should the material file also put into together or ??thx

this is that plugin file which I mentioned it before and there is one loader.rb file … I don’t know should I also put it into the shippedextensions file . I did .

this is Thea4SU_files that I posted the screencut above . You can see it and this is content . Also got rb and rbs file . I also put it into sketch up…

This is the other one file content " Material " . I really really dn’t know where I should put it …

I intalled them and now no any Thea render buttons appear on the tools panel but I checked the performance the extension . It’s activated … anyone know what’s happened ??


You’ll probably get better response by posting in the Thea Forums.