Thea render

Hi there
Sketch up (Pro 2019) crashes each time I want to open Thea render.
Are there other people having the same issue?
Otherwise would you have any other, more reliable and stable rendering extension to recommend in replacement?
Thanks for your helps


[menu]Help->About SketchUp should pop up a window with the version number (ie 2019.2)
What’s yours?


My version is 19.1

There was a significant change in SketchUp 2019.2, which lead to problems with some (render)extensions.
Now, those extension have been fixed, but might not be compatible with the old version of SketchUp.
You need to upgrade to 2019.3, I guess

Thank you for your help
. I will try that and check if it works better.
Thanks again

Great! problem solved!
I haven’t used the extension but at least, Sketch up doesn’t crash anymore !
Many Thanks!

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