SketchUp 2019.2 Release - Extension Compatibility

Hello SketchUp users!

We are excited about the upcoming SketchUp 2019.2 release and all the features and improvements it brings. We also want to make you aware that during the testing period, we discovered that some extensions are not compatible (yet!) with SketchUp 2019.2. We are not able to know every extension that is affected, and we don’t believe that the number of affected extensions is large.

At this point we are aware of the following, and we will add to this list if we become aware of others:

Thea Render - Thea Render’s Website Update available: SketchUp 2019.2 Release - Extension Compatibility
Podium Renderer - Podium has an upgrade available. Click here to go to their website to download it.

If you have upgraded to SketchUp 2019.2 and find that an extension that is critical to your workflow has stopped working, you can visit this SketchUp Help Center Article to download SketchUp 2019.1 installers. Hopefully that will get you back up and running!

Chris Fullmer

SketchUp Extensibility Product Manager


Chris what’s correct process to revert back? I’ve tried using the 2019.1 WIN EN installer from the Help Article but it shows up as ‘File Version 2019.2.222.60’ under properties. It appears to just be the same file as the 2019.2 installer.

Any ideas?

until this is worked out you can download M1-EN f. Win from here.

in general, keep a backup of the setup routines of all of your relevant applications, preferrably the last 2 or 3 versions… memory is cheap in these days.

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Thanks for the archive file.

2019.2 will presumably need uninstalling before reinstalling 2019.1; can you confirm if my configuration/plugins will be retained?

try if simply installing over M1 does the trick already.

Unfortunately not, the installer states that the ‘newer version must be uninstalled first’.

open the setup EXEcutable with a ZIP application, extract the “SketchUpPro2019-x64.msi” and try again.

Okay I tried it but it’s the same…


No worries, I can use 2018 for rendering until thea is updated.

Thanks for your help.


Will I be able to download the newer version, as I am using Sketchup Pro 2019, with a Classic License and Maintenance paid?

Kind regards


Mike, yes you can use 2019.2 with your Classic license.

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Thank you @DaveR

I’m assuming I just download the new Version? Once thing I find is Sketchup Website is not overly clear on where to get the downloads.

I’ll wait a few days, but dying to see if Layout Speed has improved.


(re: installers pointing to 2019.2 instead of 2019.1)

Well that’s a problem. I’m investigating now. I’ll post back shortly with answers :slight_smile:

In general though, yes, if you are installing 2019.1 after you already installed 2019.2, you will need to uninstall 2019.2 first.

I’ll add that comment on the download page.

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ok I can confirm that the page was pointing to the new 2019.2 installers. <my fault>. I can also confirm that the error has been fixed. You should be able to go to the page and get a link to the 2019.1 installers in case you need them.


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Could you please add to the list:
Brighter3D - Brighter3D Render’s Website

It is compatible with SketchUp 2019.2.

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Did you mean to say that it’s not compatible? It would only be added to the list if it isn’t working.

I see your page says that it works with 2019.2, so it shouldn’t be added to the list. But it’s good to know that the new version works, if anyone has a problem I’ll make sure they are up to date.

Sorry my fault, I miss read it. :frowning:
It is compatible…

The all downloads page needs to list 2019.0/1 and 2019.2 as separated versions, as 2019.2 is de factor a major version. It has more notable new features than 2019.0 and breaks backward compatibility.


Another quick question.

Does the new version overwrite the previous version or is it a completely new installation? Just thinking of Extensions and Template folders etc.

Kind regards