SketchUp 2019.2 Release - Extension Compatibility

It’s an overwrite, but it has been designed to carry everything over.
You should be able to close you current version, install the update, then open it again and have everything look the same.
The fact it overwrites is the reason they have given us the opportunity to download and install the original if things go wrong.
It is recommended to only update when you have the time to do so, not in the middle of a deadline project.

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Excellent. Thank you @Box

Yes, going to wait a bit before I update as I’m in the middle of some projects. Also want to see more feedback on it too.



One further question on the upgrade.

I’m assuming Skalp is compatible with this and works ok? For that matter, other Extensions as well?

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Most extensions should continue to work with SU2019.2. Only a small subset was affected by the SU2019.2 update.

Well, touch wood, that seemed to work a treat. Thank you.

Love the fact that I can now add text to Dimensions in Layout.


I am happy to say PlusSpec works in 19.2:sweat:.

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Maxwell Render Sketchup plugin not compatible with recent update. We had to Roll back the office to previous version.

Sketchup Version: Pro 2019 19.1.174 64-bit

Maxwell Version: 4.2.2, 28/03/2019 14:11:36.95

To let those interested know, we have just published the newest version of Thea for SketchUp. 2.1.931.1853 is fully compatible with SketchUp 2019.2 now.

Thanks goes to SketchUp team, especially to Thomas @tt_su , who has helped me find few workarounds.


Great news! I’ll be sure to let the team know - they’ll be glad to head this.


@TheOnlyAaron Could be worth a few seconds of air time today to give this a mention?

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And maybe ask Chris to update the 1st post in this thread …

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