Why is the texture scale different on adjacent faces?

I downloaded a plywood edge texture.

I changed the dimensions to suit the scale of model I’m making. I painted it onto these two faces. It is the correct scale on the curve but is infinitely zoomed out on the face.

Does anyone have any clue why this might be happening, please?

Hello Bart,

It is hard to interpret what you are seeing without seeing the process that got you there. Nonetheless, if the larger texture is what you are looking to achieve on the flat surface, try sampling the larger texture with the eyedropper tool while in the PaintBucket tool (Alt-key) and then apply the sampled material to the flat surface.

Here is segment of a video showing it in action - Sketchup Basics 7: Tools, Tips, & Tricks - YouTube


That’s so strange! Even though I didn’t change anything between filling each surface, the texture still changed dimensions. But I took your advice and sampled the corner, then painted the face and it worked perfectly. I wish I knew why, but I guess I’m happy that this worked.
Many thanks,

try to select all the way, then new give color material.
hope it is useful