Why is the texture displayed like this?

Hello. Why is the texture displayed like this?
On the renderer everything is displayed normally

If you mean the small black dot-mesh on top of the desk, it is because the face is selected.

No, the table model has a wood texture on it

Then, please explain more what is your concern? What “displayed like this” means? I do not see any wood texture on your screenshot. Which one is a table?

The texture of the wood lies in diffuse

Unfortunately, I don’t understand what you want at all. I do not see any wood texture in your screenshot.

Sorry, I just don’t know English very well and don’t form my thought correctly. In the diffuse slot I put the wood texture

I’m not a fan of picture puzzles.

You can form your thought in your mother language. Then use a translator (e.g. Google) to present it to us.
You are allowed to post more sentences, as well as more words in one sentence.
It can also help if posted sentences and images are related.


This is a V-ray texture when you aren’t using a bitmap as the texture I believe.

If you are using one of the procedural materials, V-ray does not generate an image for SketchUp to use.

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Thank you. It is.