Why is the model dark?

Why is the model dark 9 o’clock in the morning in Denmark (UTC +2) in June?
50Please, somebody, help me.

Who knows? You haven’t uploaded the file.

Did you geolocate the model.
The default location for models is in the mountains in Colorado, if you change the timezone you move the sun away from colorado and things can go dark.
Try geolocating your model first then set the time.


How can I upload the file? It is 6,9MB

No need to attach the model.
Go to Window/Model info/ Geo-location Add location and grab what you need, or add a manual location.
Then your shadows will work for your location.

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Thank you so much. Big help

Try @Box’s suggestion first. From what can be seen of your drawing, it doesn’t look like it should be such a large file. You might want to try purging it to see if that reduces it. If you can’t get it small enough to upload and you need to, put it in Dropbox and send a link (or similar).

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