Shadow Casting on Imported Model

I’m having problems getting the attached file to display shadows.
It’s an area that I exported from Open Street Map (.osm) to Rhino, and then exported into SketchUp. The geometry in SketchUp is casting and (965.7 KB)
shadows (per the “entity info” dropdown) - but the shadows still don’t display.

I’ve tried figuring if it’s the ground plane, the geo location, or other, but no luck. (I geolocated the model).

Any help is much appreciated!



The model you posted is not geolocated. Its time zone is set to UTC-7 and the manual location is set at 0,0, So a model set to reside in the middle of the South Atlantic uses the time zone of Boulder, Colorado. Set the time zone to UTC 0 or the longitude to Colorado.

@Anssi is spot on about the problems with shadows. Getting a nonsensical combination of location and timezone will make it perennial midnight in your model!

I don’t know what further use you intend to make of this model, so I thought I should warn you that it is extremely poorly structured as a SketchUp model. That is likely a consequence of how it was imported.

It consists entirely of edges and faces, no groups or components. That means that everything is stuck to everything else! If you try to do almost any kind of edit you will quickly become frustrated. Also, the model does not use SketchUp Layers correctly. The majority of the edges and faces are associated with layers other than Layer0. Since SketchUp layers control only visibility, not interaction between geometry, you risk getting very confusing effects because edges and faces that are not visible due to their layer will still interact with other edges and faces.

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