Why is it not solid

Created item, then bent it 90 degrees Original is solid, bent version is ok according to SolidInspector2, but Outer Shell says it’s not solid. Done as much visual as I can on it. Tried SOLIDSOLVER but it says only for ver 8.
Is there another plugin that might help me locate the problem?
Windows 7 and SU 2017 Make

Strain Relief - 90 deg.skp (744.4 KB)

If you turn on hidden lines you can see some “bruising”. In these areas, there are some very short lines. They can be corrected by moving the problem vertices. You may need to scale up the model to do so.
You can search the forum for topics on tiny or small faces for more info.

Here’s a fixed version.

Strain Relief - 90 deg1 solid.skp (571.4 KB)


Thanks. I originally drew this at 100x scale, then scaled it down to actual size. It was okay still. Bent it, errors happened, started searching, never remembered to blow it back up 100X to see it. Hidden geometry at actual size was not going well. Appreciate your help.

You’ll get better results if you make your geometry fit better. Try using a number of segments in your circles that lets you cut the inserts on an an existing hidden edge. Also break the horizontals at top and bottom so the end sections retain their shape better.

Try using the Dave method.

Here’s my version of your bend using the Dave and adding in the horizontals cuts top and bottom.
Strain Relief - 90 degBox.skp (1.0 MB)

Thanks Box. Dave Method. Funny that I stumbled into that yesterday without even knowing what it was. Had a pipe I needed to modify, made a copy and modified it. I usually make the copy unique. I forgot to do that. When I was done I realized the original was modified. Dave method without even being smart enough to know it.

Fitting the inserts - If I follow what you’re saying then I could have just doubled the number of segments in my original (starting) circle and all the insert edges would be in line with circle segments.

Never had to draw anything like this before (and didn’t really have to this time) but it was part of a hose reel I was drawing (posted in my warehouse) and it looked challenging. Had to try it. Think I’ll do another to see if it comes out better. Used Fredo Scale plugin to bend it. Also a first time trying to learn that. Don’t know if it’s obvious but the starting piece is a cylinder, then make it slightly conical over its entire length, then bend it 90, then finally reduce one end to sharper cone. Probably takes me way too long to do it - but I learn along the way. Appreciate your help.

Thanks Shep and Box for your pointers. I went back and tried a few different approaches for creating the original. I ultimately just went back to my original unbent version and focused on the bending technique. I agree with you guys that my starting model could have been planned a little better. Once I improved the bending operation I had a good solid. Several lessons learned here, thanks to you guys and some more practice. While I’d like to think I’m close to intermediate level user, probably closer to intermediate beginner. (btw - playing with vertices can be a nightmare)

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