Why i cant log in my sketch-up

Hi Guys,
Simple question,
Why i cant log in 3D warehouse?
been tried many times…:fearful::cry:

Any Solution?


We need more details.

OS. That’s Mac or Windows and which version?

Trying to get the 3D Warehouse from inside SU or a separate browser tab?

its in the google…
when i click on sign-in…it will become “This webpage is not available”

Is it language-based? What language are you using to sign in?

hi barry,

the language what I used for sign in is based on my name.
im not even yet to sign my email, when i click the “sign in”
it will be blank.

u can see my attached for your reference.


Why the star in the upper right - is that a tool bar? My guess is that your security setting are not allowing it.

On my screen it is the “Add bookmark” button in Google Chrome…


I see, but that’s not in SketchUp, that’s in Chrome. I thought he was trying to sign in via SketchUp. The login will depend on google - if you can’t sign in to Google, you wont be able to sign into SketchUp because we currently use Google authentication.

same problem +cant load warehouse but after update IE (internet explorer) its work :slightly_smiling_face: