Why downloading from 3D Warehouse won't allow saving my project?

So, a little over a year ago I started designing a project of a stunning house in Brooklyn. It was my intention to renovate the house, change parts of the original floor plan, and then add furniture. After downloading many objects, Sketchup wouldn’t allow me to save it.
So I paid for Sketchup for a year, thinking that would solve my problem; it didn’t.
I had to finally start the project from scratch again, and now that it’s ready, I’d love to download furniture but I’m afraid the problem could persist. It’s a huge house, and it requires tons and tons and tons of furniture.
Any idea/suggestion what I should do?

What happens when you try to save? Cmd S or File>Save?

Yeah, copy the house (select all, Cmd C), save, File>New, Cmd V, add furniture, and try and save. See what happens.

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While the 3DWH is a good place to get your desired furniture… Those can be good and most probably less good.
I always recommend to download each stuff individually from 3DWH to an empty model and clean up: purge out layers, materials…, set the axes properly… etc. etc.
Then save it to your local collection of models.
This local collection then will be more safe to insert to your house…and your house model will be less “bloated”, more easy to save than if you insert directly from 3DWH.


But for such a big model, which I presume will need a lot of furniture, that’s a lot of work @dezmo

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Good work takes time.
(The bad will cost even more…) :innocent:


I like that :heart:

I’m going to start doing that myself. I would have been pretty repulsed in the past as I couldn’t have had two copies of SU open at once. Now I can, though…


In the 3D Warehouse search window there are options on the left side, where you can limit the results by file size and polygon count. If you use those you can cut out a lot of furniture that is way to detailed.

I’m curious, where in Brooklyn? From June 1993 til Jan 2019 I lived in 11201.

Here’s an idea you might want to try, it involves some ‘out of the box’ way of thinking:
Provided that you (still) have the Pro subscription and access to Trimble Connect.

The idea is to create a project and create separate ‘aspect’ models: you have the appartment modeled already, but to have all decoration and furniture in the same model isn’t necessary for viewing the endresult. if you think of them as bedroom model or kitchen model, you could view the result in the 3D Viewer of Trimble Connect, which is more capable for viewing on lower spec machines and accessible on mobile devices as well.

To do this, you would need to have a project, first,
Goto connect.trimble.com and create a new project (Brooklyn Appartment)
With the tab open in the browser, and a Finder window open, drag the .skp file of the building in the project.

Open SketchUp and start a new file with something in it, a scale figure will work or a box at the origin.
Save the file and name it ‘Master bedroom’ and keep it opened

Now, we are gonna import the building as a reference, To do that, goto View > Tool Palettes and check the Trimble Connect toolbar.

Click on the third icon (looks like a checknark ,’Collaboration manager)

In that panel, click on the third tab to import a reference (bottom left blue button) In the popup, navigate to the project you just created and choose the building skp file

It will download and add a reference tag along with the original tags.but if you select it, you will notice that it is locked.
Drag loads of stuff from the warehouse in the bedroom and when done, choose File > Trimble Connect > Publish Model.

Repeat for other rooms.

You can view all models at the same time in the 3D vieer (or select different option models)

I second dezmo. It’s definitely good to download and save in another file. Clean up as feasible. Otherwise you can end up with a lot junk bloating your model and slowing it down. Or worse there is some object in the component that is far away, causing you time to sort the model out again. Besides you have to purge all the stuff you didn’t use. A lot of sloppy stuff or just things that the maker had not intended to be used in an efficient SketchUp model.

I like Mike’s idea though I haven’t tried, nor even knew about this aspect of Trimble Connect. Similarly I sometimes use separate sketchUp models so that the model of the building can be worked on in its own file. Then I have the building as a component on the site where I have all the plants and entourage. I can “save as” and “reload” (contextual menu) the building any time and pops into the same location on the site. So where I am doing most work on the building is clean little file (with the axis oriented to the building not the site).

It says “This file cannot be saved.”
I tried saving it to a different folder, but still it didn’t save.


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Thanks. I’ll try that.