Why does X-Ray force shadow on ground?

It seems even if I have shadow on ground turned off in my default style, turning on X-Ray toggles it on, and greys it out to say I don’t have a choice in the matter. Why? I’m I missing something?

That’s interesting. I never noticed that before. Faces in X-ray can’t cast faces so I suppose the only thing left is to cast a shadow on the ground plane. I guess if you didn’t want the shadow on the ground plane you might leave Shadows turned off and tick Use sun for shading. You’d get the same thing but without the ground shadow.

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That gets me what I want. The complexity is that those sun settings aren’t saved with a style, but they can be with a scene, so I think I make that part of the scene used for default modeling style.

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I could see some use for shadow settings being saved as part of the style but then I can also see many cases where that wouldn’t be desirable so I guess creating the scene with the shadow settings would be the option.