Lost shadows

Hi, Im new to the community so go easy on me please : )

After some time, my creations tend to lose the shadows on the objects and only the ground get shadows.
I saved a copy of my project, purged everything and drew a box on a plane. No shadows but on the ground. But there should be a shadow on the plane.

Im on Sketshup Shop.

Here is a print screen and .skp-file.

Shadow test.skp (18.9 KB)

In desktop version there is an option to Display: On faces


Hi, thanks!
Unfortunately Sketchup Shop is web only.

It is very odd, there doesn’t appear to be a way to turn on or off shadows on faces in the web version, so How did it get turned off?
Any chance you imported a model from somewhere that may have brought in that style setting?

No I didn’t.
And the model did have shades on faces for a long time, and then today, poof, they disappeared.

It is the second time this happens.

Let me explain:
The last model got this same issue, so after giving up on saving it I started a new fresh one. I recreated the old one using copy paste of the components, one by one. (There are probably better ways). And this worked like a charm! Shadows everywhere, until today.

This is an oddity @colin that should be forwarded to the relevant people. At the very least adding the ability to turn shadows on faces on and off would be helpful.

@Mark @Gopal

This does seem odd, that although there isn’t an option to turn shadows on faces off, it had managed to get turned off.