Why does Vray render shows shadows differently than in sketchup

Hi all,

When I render a view in vray the way it shows the shadows is differently than in sketchup, does anyone know why?? (Please find example bellow)

thank you very much

Do you have an object above the outdoor terrace where you unchecked Cast Shadows in SketchUp > Entity Info?

I’m certain it’s that the entire roof structure isn’t casting shadows in SketchUp at all. Only the plants are. The angle of the sun is negating any possible shafts of light.

Vray is treating the structure realistically and making it cast a long shadow as it should. Try adjusting the angle of the sun if you’re not happy with the light. Or add more artificial light to fill in the area.

I’d also recommend moving your background image away from your building model so that it doesn’t receive shadows as it currently is…or consider using HDRI+Dome light for lighting, background, or both.