Why does this window keep popping up?

Recently this window asking me about my model location has been popping up randomly. I have no idea how to make it go away --no GeoLocation has been entered so clearing it isn’t possible. What could be causing this?

It happens every few seconds to minutes which makes completing my work almost impossible. Help! Attached is a screenshot of what the alert looks like.

I’m not familiar with Mac, but the symbol in the bottom left corner looks to me like it is geolocated.
Check that it really isn’t.
Have you downloaded something from the warehouse that may have been geolocated. Sometimes people have uploaded things that have a geolocation when they shouldn’t.
Is it possible that you saved a template that you had geolocated and it’s now trying to use that.
You could upload the model and we can check it.

Have you checked the Model Info window → Geo-location panel? It will tell you if the model is geolocated and will allow you to clear the location if one has been added previously. Box is right that the icon at the lower left seems to indicate that your model is geolocated, and that this could have been brought in along with something you loaded as opposed to you setting it explicitly.

Thanks for the replies guys --I didn’t even notice that button down there. Interestingly when I check to see, the model actually isn’t geolocated! The alert window will start appearing after about 15 minutes of working.