Why does the Extension Warehouse in 2018 NOT scroll easily thru extensions?

I am on a Mac… latest OS… and when I go to Extension Warehouse… Architectural extensions… the list will only start from A… and then when I choose an extension… back to the top again… and it is super slow to scroll down the list… I have a trial version… what is up?

Do you talk of Extension Warehouse in your web browser or in SketchUp?

Depending on which SketchUp version you have, SketchUp is using its embedded browser engine Chromium (SU ≥2017) or your OS’s included browser engine (Safari, SU <2016), both of which are considered as “fast” browsers. Maybe clearing the browser cache helps (either by deleting /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/WebCache, or in Safari’s preferences).

Besides that, Extension Warehouse is from 2014 (as was the first non-Google 3D Warehouse). Considering that we got a new designed 3D Warehouse up to the latest technology last year, I would not expect the EWH issue to last for ever. But you are right, when I use it I feel the same and sometimes catch myself searching extensions in 3DWH, but hey, that’s the wrong place.

I am on FireFox… and the browser should not matter… if this is a professional paid subscription… is this something that is NOT going to be fixed? It renders the extension warehouse almost useless… any other options here? and Thanks for the reply

Have you tried Plugin Store?

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