Extension warehouse (and 3dw) slowness

After installing 2019 doing a round of plugin-updates. But still the listing of the extension warehouse is tantalisingly slow. Like having a 28kbps modem. And it keeps coming back to the first screen, the topscreen. And then the wait starts to get lower in the list, scroll after slow scroll. 3dWarehouse is not much better.
Trimble, are you hosting this platform on an ancient 486 or something?
Anyone else having these same problems?

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Maybe there are one or two other users browsing EWH while you are there. But considering that it looks somewhat 2013, I don’t think that is surprising. It’s definitely a known current limitation.

But are you very sure you observe the same in 3D Warehouse? 3D Warehouse loads significantly more content (images, and 3D viewer), which would exploit all your bandwidth can deliver.

Does it act the same when accessed with a browser like Chrome ?

Extension Warehouse

Hi, We are on mac, on a fiber speed line. Its a loading data problem, not a browser problem.
Chrome is not in consideration as it is follow-you-everywehere-google.

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I believe RLGL’s actual question was whether you were observing the slowness in SketchUp’s built-in 3DWarehouse window or in a separate browser.

Historically it did make a difference because the built-in one’s performance is somewhat affected from running within the application and uses the operating system’s browser engine (IE, or Safari although that has actually a modern browser engine). You are free to test it in a separate browser of your choice, be it Firefox (which is equally fast) or whatever.

Learned: It is not wise to propose people to test a browser if that one is very controversial (and holds a dystopian monopoly).