Anyone else get absurdly slow load times when looking at your account on the extension warehouse?

I dread having to use my account on the extension warehouse because any operation I perform - such as removing an extension from my list - takes a long time to complete. Almost as if the service is being run from a tape drive. My internet is fast and I don’t have any network issues otherwise.

Anyone out there experiencing the same issue?

I haven’t noticed anything like that here. What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile isn’t complete.

Here’s removing an extension with Extension Manager in real time with SketchUp 2019.

Hi Dave,

Sorry about the profile issue - I haven’t quite found yet where to add the information you mentioned. I use 2018, but would like to switch over to 2019. However, I need to get some oft-used extensions working, and have been putting it off b/c the process is very slow. I’ve mentioned this before to Tech support, but their response is what yours is - that they don’t have lag on their side. However, even with very fast broadband, the lag on my side is pretty discouraging, and has been for at least a couple years now.

Dave - I should reiterate - it is the Extension Warehouse account that is slow, not the extension manager.

You wrote:

That’s done in Extension Manager in SketchUp. That’s why I showed removing an extension. Are you accessing the Extension Warehouse in SketchUp or directly through your web browser?

I’m attempting to use my account on the Extension Warehouse to manage the overall picture of the extensions that I’ve acquired over the years, to aid in the process of moving from various versions of Sketchup. My hope is that eventually I’ll be able to click the “Install All” option at the top of the list, and then do something else for several hours - come back and find my newest version of Sketchup complete with the plugins that I use every day.

The lagging response occurs whether I use Chrome or the embedded portal within Sketchup.

Does this make sense?

What you are trying to do makes sense. It’s good to do housecleaning once in awhile. I’m not sure what to tell you about the slowness you are seeing. I’m not seeing it at all.

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OK - Dave - I appreciate you trying to help!

I was just reaching out to the community at large to try to figure out of other users like myself were seeing this behavior. I made a little (very boring) video of the behavior but it appears that I can’t upload a wmv file.
Basically it takes about 30 seconds per click to get a response from the Accounts Page within the Extension Warehouse.

Yeah that is about what I see. As I recall it has always been at that pace.


RLGL - thanks! Actually that is really helpful to know. I’m not the only one. I wonder if this is a universal experience for SU users? If we get enough responses it would help to better understand the bigger picture.

It has always been slow, like @RLGL said.
I think that it has to check if you have bought it or not and uses authentication with fata from another server, somewhere else on this planet.

Extension Warehouse does take a long time to get over the ordeal of you daring to look at your My Extensions list. One thing that halves the time is to know not to click on your profile, instead just point at your name and wait for the list to appear, then click on My Extensions.

Another time saver, when you have installed an extension and the page is refreshing, you don’t have to wait for it unless you’re going to install another extension. Just close the window and get back to SketchUp.

I was at the DevCamp event last week, much of which was under NDA, but there were things shown that give some hope that it will improve at some point.

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Ditto. Broadband Cable internet and the EW is the slowest website I visit. Searches are megaslow.
Even YouTube is faster.

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Thanks Colin for bringing word of even potential light at the end of that tunnel.
And also, thanks for the tip about not clicking on my profile.

“I think that it has to check if you have bought it or not and uses authentication with fata from another server, somewhere else on this planet.”

You know I wonder about that sometimes. This is unrelated - but I think I’ve experienced situations of lag in Sketchup Pro in general when connected to the internet that suddenly disappear when offline. As though it was interrupting the cycle to check something on a server somewhere. Different than autosave interruptions.