Why Warehouse is sooo slow ;{


Why installing plugins after moving to the next version of sketchup (2017 now :] ) takes agesss!!


I’m also having issues. Extension Warehouse is extremely slow and then there is the question why I need to install all my extensions again. Why not copy them with the install and then check if they still work with 2017…


someone of them have licence and I needed to reinstall them …anyway :expressionless:


I’m not seeing slow activity with the Extension Warehouse.

Although that isn’t advisable, you can copy the extensions from your previous installation and paste them into the new version’s User/…/Plugins folder. Then you can deal with manually updating any of them that throw errors upon loading. After you’ve got those extensions updated, test the rest of them to make sure they work. Even if they don’t generate errors on loading, they may or may not work.

I prefer to let the Extension Warehouse and Sketchucation Extension Store automatically install fresh copies of the extensions so I don’t have to waste my time fixing errors that are so easy to avoid in the first place.


“I’m not seeing slow activity with the Extension Warehouse…”
. :hushed: is slow as … every plugin needs at least 1 min to install …and many times WE just crush itself for no reason :tired_face: