Extension Warehouse is very laggy - can this be improved?

I have a great internet connection here at work, but when I log into the extension warehouse you’d think I was on dial up. If I want to manage my extensions, such as reinstalling or removing my listed extensions, it takes a loooonnnng time for every action to register and complete. Is Trimble renting this space from Google’s deep freeze tape memory service? What can be done to speed up access to and use of the extension warehouse?


Aiden Humphrey
Sketchup Pro user
BIM / 3D modeler / arch designer

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Renting space from Amazon’s deep freeze tape memory service…

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Same here, both 3D and Extensions Warehouses have been veeery slow for a long time. It always bothered me. Plus, we have no feedback while the pages are loading…

I’m in France.

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Agreed… not sure what can be done, but it feels quite slow… taking between 5 and 10 sec for each search, which doesn’t sound too bad but feels really slow compared to most internet search engines.