Why does my floor turns white when I export to jpg?

Hi! As I say in the title, part of my floor vanishes and turns white when I move the camera around, and ALWAYS when I export to .jpg. I’m an absolute beginner in SketchUp, sorry, so I have no idea of what to do…

This is what I mean, that white piece of floor should be carpeted…

Only a guess without seeing the SKP file but I’d guess you have two faces overlapping each other. If you upload the file, we can tell you with certainty.

You mean, for example, two of the walls overlapping? I’ll check if that’s the case, and if I can’t solve it this way I’ll upload the file, thanks!

Two floors overlapping.

One possibility, which Dave has alluded to, is that you have a second surface placed a small distance above the one you have textured with the carpet. When the camera is beyond a certain distance, the lower one may “bleed” through and be completely visible, whereas when closer it will be hidden. See for example, this topic for some further discussion:

There are also other possibilities, but based on an image we can only guess. If at all possible, please upload the skp so we can take a look.

It works fine now! Thanks!