After copy and flipping there's white shade on my element

Hello if anyone can help me here.
I don’t know why my other door turns white. I only did a copy from the 1st door and flipped it and it turned white.

White spot.skp (110.4 KB)


That’s the front side of the face.

SketchUp views a surface (aka face) as having two sides— by default the front side is white, and the back side is the blueish grey.

These colors are adjustable within the Styles Edit menu.

NOW, for the bad news… Technically speaking the white side is what you should be seeing with ALL of the face geometry.

On occasion having flipped faces can cause issues when exporting files, or applying textures.

But it’s not so serious that you need to be overly worried about it. It’s often just a matter of good modeling technique, where folks will use the ‘Reverse Faces’ command found in the right click context menu to orient everything to the so called ‘correct’ way.

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Thanks for your reply


The problem is that your floor is filled, and so is your door group ; and because the door is grouped, the two surfaces will overlap.

Now you have two options, nor explose your doors, which will merge geometries and remove the overlap, or enter the door group (and the group that is inside this group), remove the fills (just keep the lines) and exit the groups. Then copy & transform it. (I also suggest making a component of it, that way if one is modified, the others are too)

@paul.millet is correct. You have two faces located at the same place, which causes what is known as “z-fighting” because the display system has no way to know which of them should take precedence. The “flashing” as you orbit the model is the sign of z-fighting.


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