Why does Layout keep crashing?

Layout very consistently crashes. Is there a way to avoid this?

I’m possible to say based on the scant information you’ve provided. I haven’t had LayOut 2022 crash at all since I started using it.

Maybe you could share the file that is crashing?

What operating system are you using? Your profile isn’t clear. Please correct it.

Does it crash when holding shift upon startup?

It typically crashes when I’m closing a layout file and saving it. It will be saving and then crash and ask if I want to submit the crash report.

Are you sending this n the BugSplat reports including your email? If not please do so next time it crashes. After submitting the report, you should be taken to a web page where after a bit a crash number will be assigned. If you paste the number into a message here, it will help the developers tie the crash to this topic.

Where are you saving the file to? Local or cloud.

Layout crashes somewhat often for me if I am trying to render a large model.

I’ve found a way to avoid this most of the time:

  1. Go to File > Document Setup > Paper → set Display Resolution to LOW and Output Resolution to HIGH.
  2. In the tab on the right side of the window for SketchUp Model, make sure the box next to “Auto” is UNCHECKED. This means your model will not automatically render.
  3. Keep as many viewports as possible set to Raster. They will likely look totally fine when you output.
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Hopefully this helps… thanks!

Finding that was more of a challenge that I expected. Mainly because it’s a SketchUp crash.

Are you using a docking station of any kind? What is your monitor setup?

Maybe is a problem with 2022 Layout, I use 2021 without a problem, but when I use 2022 and I change to vector or hybrid, layout freezes and not responding.