Why can't i use Plugins of Extension Warehouse?

After using the 2021 version I couldn’t use plugins.
i wanna use about curved surface, etc.
plz help me. if you use kakaotalk, please contact me through it
my kakaotalk id: rhcskan1

Why “couldn’t” you use extensions?

  • You forgot how to use them?
  • You did not find where or how to install them?
  • You tried installing, but Extension Warehouse gave an error on installation? How did you try installing?
  • You installed them, but they immediately gave a load error?
  • They installed successfully, but you did not find them in the menu?
  • They installed successfully, but when triggering them from the menu/toolbar/context menu they gave an error?
  • Which extensions (exact name, link)?
  • What exactly were you doing (step by step)?
  • What exact error message did you get? (Click the </> button in the forum reply and paste the error complete message.)

I’ve never heard of kakaotalk; we have a forum here which is the shortest way to communicate.