Thom Thom plugin problem

Hi I have become dependent on using cleanup to purge my files of unwanted materials or components, I just bought a new laptop transferred sketchup 18 pro to it and tried to reinstall plugins.
When I open extension manager or warehouse it sees the plugins as installed from my old installation and wont allow me to install.
If I click on uninstall it says it is unable to.
I went through Sketchucation and downloaded the latest cleanup but I cant get the ttlibrary for cleanup to run
please are there any mistakes I have made?

Try clearing the cache on Internet Explorer or Safari depending on your Operating system.
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I did a google search for the latest tt_lib file I found it on bitbucket now its working, emergency over!

Same issue as this:

Yes exactly! I hope it there will be a simple fix as the workaround was a bit of a journey!

Extension Warehouse had some hickups this week. Should be resolved now.
Please report back if problem persists.

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