Extensions not showing up

I just updated to Sketchup Pro 2018. I have some extensions that show up in “my extensions” in the extension warehouse as installed, but they are not active in sketchup when I work. In the extension manager they do NOT show up. When I click “uninstall” on those extensions in the warehouse, an error window pops up saying that it was unable to uninstall for an unknown reason.

Go to the Extension warehouse from within SU and install the ones you want into 2018.
You can choose multiples in ‘my extensions’ and install them together.

All of my extensions are listed as enabled, and there is not an option to install. There are options to uninstall and disable. When I try to uninstall, it gives an error that the extension was unable to uninstall for an unknown reason. Its like the warehouse thinks the extension is installed, but sketchup doesn’t have it

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