Why can't i access components or warehouse it used to be so easy

when I try to put in a door or toilet it tells me I don’t have internet -which of course is working fine. then it told me to download an updated IE.still no go! then to clean my cache.Give me a break! or send me a cleaning person to get it working !!

SketchUp 2017 doesn’t use IE anymore.

except flo’s profile states that he (mad assumption on my part) uses SU2015.

except for when it does…


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Except when the topic is 3Dwarehouse.

Just to be clear here: Are you saying that SU 2017 uses IE11 (Safari on the Mac) for the 3dWarehouse window and Chromium for everything else?

SketchUp 2017 uses Chromium for 3DWarehouse and Extension Warehouse. All other web services may vary (e.g. Generate Report, a few other services) still use embedded IE on Win or Safari on Mac.

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what should ן do ן have sketchup pro2016 & good old SU 8 which I love but can’t insert components? Should I download SU 2017? I really hate trimble & all the changes they made-

SketchUp 8 relied on Google, so that’s long gone. If you have 2016, do all the typical things listed in other forum posts (an exercise left for the reader): clear caches, remove cookiejar.xml, see other tips for clearing that.

I’m not sure you should hate Trimble: we did the best we could with Google selling us 4 years ago, and Trimble’s done nothing but support the SketchUp ecosystem.

How do i cleat cache?im not sure i did it right

Would it help to download free su make 2017? if so will i be able to import my 2016?Sketch? im not a professional just enjoy using it for my home

I stopped using IE when they said it’d be unoperable a few yrs ago.i went over to chrome. I wish u guys would stick with things that work & not change them every mon&thurs!

We’ve used the embedded browsers (Internet Explorer and Safari) forever, and finally added Chromium. Added, so that we could allow your favorite extension developer, and ourselves, time to convert things. One of the major reasons is that people don’t realize that changes in their OS’s shipped browser affects apps that use their WebKit. We think it will lead to much less headaches for people using 3DWarehouse and Extension Warehouse, and so far, that looks to be true.

Yes, if your graphic card is not ancient or underpowered, I’d use 2017.

Thx barry do u think i should uninstall all su previous editions & then install 17? its scary what will happen to all my old sketches.iam an old timer su user & was a big fan😥i have anither computer i could try it on but its not very convenient.itried to install ie 1o but it said it couldnt do it .i have win 7Thx for taking the time to help me.r u us based?

Do not uninstall your older versions of SU. They are separate installations and will not hinder your attempt to run SU17.

All may go well if you run the SU17 installer (remember to r-click on it and choose Run as administrator.) But as you are using older versions of SU, some of your system may need to be freshened to best support SU17. Like IE.

If you haven’t done any Windows Updates lately do so now. Among other things, that will install IE11.

To clear just IE cache and cookies, open IE browser window > click on Gear icon in upper right corner > Internet Settings > General tab > Browsing history > Delete.

All this updating, installing, and everyday computer use leads to a considerable accumulation of old files cluttering up your system. One of the nicest, free apps around is called CCleaner. it’s a one-stop shop for deleting c-r-a-p, including the stuff from all installed browsers. And under CCleaner’s Options > Cookies, you can select which cookies don’t get purged.

We don’t know much about your graphic card other than it’s from Nvidia. Or even if the computer is a laptop. Know those things helps us answer questions here. Though one of the nice new things introduced with SU17 is the app called Checkup, which checks if your computer can install SU17.

wow that sounds like great advice.
I’ve used clean master on my phone & it seems to bring me a lot of garbage
ads! but if u think ccleaner is good I’ll try it.???

The 2017 didn’t install it gave me a whole bunch of things which I don’t
know how to do.
this is what it said:Component Universal CRT (Hotfix KB2999226) has failed
to install with the following error message:

“The installer for the Universal CRT (Hotfix KB2999265) timed out after 10
minutes. Please restart your computer and try the SketchUp installer
again. If this does not fix the problem, use Windows Update to install the
latest updates and try again. (Trimble Code 6)”

The following components were not installed:
- Visual C++ “14” Runtime Libraries (x64)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64)

The following components failed to install:
- Universal CRT (Hotfix KB2999226)

See the setup log file located at
‘C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\VSDD174.tmp\install.log’ for more

I looked this up & it seems I’m not the only one with the problem & an SU
person(bill i think answered we’re working on this! It does not sound like
something I want to get involved in.Which is a trouble free download of SU


On some computers the SU installer tries to install the MS component updates for you. But sometimes it doesn’t happen. Follow the links in 2017 not launching to install VC++ and .NET framwork from Microsoft Update then try the SU installer. For good measure update your graphics driver too. This is a little computer maintenance to try staying as current as your computer will allow.

with hopefully a working warehouse.I’d need my computer guy for this.Y did
trimble make things so difficult??

Earlier installers also downloaded and installed required Microsoft components if those components were missing.

The demands of fellow SketchUppers - especially professional, paying consumers - for more features and greater performance plays a factor in program development moving forward. Juicing up a program means upping hardware/software requirements. This happens across the board for quite a few programs.

If a program user is happy with an older version of a program, that’s OK too.

That would b ok if trimble wouldn’t remove good features (like warehouse or importing autocad etc.) or make it in a way that u must b a software engineer to make it work.