Why a difference in Orbit behaviour as compared to SketchUp

On SketchUp (SU), when I depress the mouse wheel (middle button (MMB)), I can orbit the model.

In Trimble Creator (TC) I have to press the left mouse button to orbit. Pressing the MMB allows me to pan with TC while with SU, I press the Shirt key to pan when I am pressing the MMB.

I prefer the SU method since I can orbit, zoom and pan with my index on the MMB, adding the Shift key with my other hand to pan. It is quick and simple.


Good feedback,

We are looking into a mode/toggle where SketchUp camera controls are used in the 3d Viewer.


Yes, the SketchUp Viewer camera control are the same as the ones in SketchUp.

I was writing about Trimble Creator used to create live components where the controls are different. I was just wondering why that difference. ? In my opinion there shall be uniformity between applications pertaining to SketchUp models. Of course, Layout is a different program used for 2D drawings and thus, not requiring 3D camera control.

The viewer used in Trimble Creator comes from another development (not SketchUp) within Trimble (and thus the different UX). We will have to extend it with SketchUp like UX/navigation.

Uniformity would be great! That said, Trimble Creator may do more than just create Live Components for SketchUp. It might need to support UX/navigation for users from other applications too.