Who wants a 3DConnexion CadMouse

Dear All,

I have a 3DConnexion CadMouse that I am willing to donate to anyone that needs a good mouse. Send me a PM with your address. First come, first serve.

“What is wrong with the mouse” I hear you say.

Nothing. It is a beautiful piece of engineering.

“Then why are you getting rid of it”

It is a short story. Back in 2023 I had a Logitech MX mouse. We had fun together. Then I drove over it. Logitech told me that was not covered by the warranty. So, in a huff, I ordered the CadMouse.

It is a really good mouse. The only problem is that my hands are very very large, and the CadMouse is not. Using it was like trying to peel a shrimp with just a thumb and a pinkie.

So, if you have normal sized hands, this mouse should be great. It really is a fine piece of engineering.




It’s tempting, but I don’t really need it. I hope someone will need it and make good use of it. Thanks for your generosity!

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I like the MX Master but I just tested two other mice: Red Dragon Elite M913 and the Red Dragon Aatrox M811. The M913 doesn’t suit me. But the Aatrox is pretty nice. It’s large and the palm rest is tall. It has a thumb rest like the MX Master (not clickable). I’m not a fan of the lights. They can be turned off. But I figur’ you might like the blinking lights and big buttons: Upgrade Your Gaming with Redragon M811 PRO Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse – Redragonshop

Your story about the running over the mouse reminded me of a similar situation (and I know you’re a ferret person). The moral of the story is: don’t try free range ferrets.

Do I give away the M913?

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I had a cadmouse that had to be replaced as it started being ornary (within a year of purchase). They had me cut off the cord and take a picture of it along with the serial number.

So I bought a second one. It lasted about 2 years and then went the same way as the first one.

I’m now using a logitech wireless mouse M705 and quite happy with it.
I have a SpaceMouse Pro Wireless which I have had for many years and I like it very much.

Slightly OT, but I’m a bit of a mouse w*nker, and have been through a few types before settling on this:

I cannot recommend enough… unless you ever have to use it left-handed…

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us lefties always get the wrong side of the mouse !



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I second the MX Vertical as a good mouse. That’s the one I’d use if I didn’t want the programmable buttons of the M811. The 705 is probably too small for Chip Cookie’s hands.

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You really know how to tell a story. :smiley:

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Hi Chip_Cookie, do you still have the mouse? How much are you asking? Thanks.

My first CadMouse lasted less than a year and then stopped working properly. 3DConnexion sent me a replacement mousel which lasted just over a year. I then purchased another CadMouse which also lasted around a year.

I have since switched to a Logitech M720 Triathlon which has been working flawlessly.

BTW - my Space Mouse Pro Wireless has been working for aprox 10 years.