3DConnexion CadMouse Wheel Click Behavior

Dear All,

I have purchased a 3D Connexion CadMouse Wireless. I would like to map the scroll wheel button so it does the same thing as my old Logitech MX (which sadly died defending my computer from my cat). I would like to be able to click and orbit with the button.

I have looked high and far for a clue. So, where should I have looked? Any help will be greatly appreciated and I will put your name in my Will.

Thanks tons.


My Will:

Try looking on the bottom of your computer. There may be a button there that releases a switch that tuns on the CadMouse. Otherwise, Did you install the software / drivers? 3Dconnexion Software

Did you pick up a SpaceMouse as well?

Dear Sir,

I have both the Space Mouse Wireless and the CadMouse. All drivers are installed. The SpaceMouse works great. But the CadMouse won’t do what I want, which is orbit the model when I press the scroll wheel button. I want what I want, which is being able to press the scroll wheel and be in orbit mode, and release the scroll wheel and be back to whatever tool I was using. Like the Logitech MX.

Basically, I would like to use the CadMouse as a stand-alone device. This might not be possible, which is fine.


C. C.

I don’t have the CadMouse but I have two of the SpaceMice and the 3D Connection software picks up on them. Settings are there. I’m presuming you’re opening 3D Connection and can’t get into the button menus of the CadMouse from there. Do you have the 3DxWare software? 3DxWare 10 - Official 3Dconnexion UK website

But that’s the default behavior that the mouse should have, have you mapped it different and want to restore to the default behavior? On the 3D connexion software there’s an option to restore.

Not my first rodeo. I have installed, uninstalled, re-installed and then some the 3Dconnexion software. It works great with the 3D SpaceMouse Wireless.

And on the Logitech MX it is. But there must be a setting I am missing. I have contacted 3D Connexion but have not heard back.

Fresh installation of the 3D connexion driver, etc. makes no difference.

I did a quick search and found that some other people are reporting problems with the Cadmouse scroll wheel but nothing that looks like a solution. Could you check in the Device Manager to see if the mouse drivers are being updated / or are the correct ones? Run the “Scan for hardware changes”?

I don’t think MacOS has a Device Manager. Given that I have reinstalled the drivers several times, I am pretty sure the drivers are up to date.

The preference pane version is 1.3.2. The various .plist files are dated 9/19/23. I haven’t take the time to find all the files or resources installed with the drivers.

I just can’t get it right today! I missed the Mac thing on another recent post. My most recent experience with related stuff is the Apple II. I might be able to get a paddle to work on a Commodore 64 if that comes up.

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Ah, the old Apple II excuse.

Apparently nobody here uses the CadMouse. That might be a clue as to why I should have just bought another Logitech MX. Oh well. On the positive side, I am starting to enjoy using my 3D mouse.

Best to all,

Chippy McChipface

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