Who is that?

For some reason this desk shows up as mine which it is not?
I uploaded a new model last night. Clicking on my new file “Small Router Plate Insert” model a “desk” file shows up in the right corner as if I created it? Very very weird. What do I do?

This is my guess:
Somebody used a file that you initially created (and claimed authorship of), emptied it and started modeling in that space. Then uploaded it, so it then was automatically allocated to you again.

What can you do about it? If it is of no use to you and crowding your space / style, delete it?

While this is a possible explanation, it would mean there is no proper authorization :open_mouth: .

“there is no proper authorization”
Not sure what this means?

“…you initially created…” Hmm, weird. I haven’t even made anything close to a cabinet!
I cannot delete it. And now it only shows up in the box “related models” - still with me as author??? I looked for a contact mail to SU technical support, but with no luck. Just wondering if other people has tried this

These are the only files I see when I look at your 3D Warehouse page.

I haven’t found that desk model, yet.

You’re right. But when I look at “small router plate” on the detail page, then in the lower right corner you see “related” models. There the desk shows up. Clicking on it then shows the file as if I created it with my name etc.

So it does.

@psaal, any thoughts?

Looking into this @DaveR. Thanks for the report @Helle.

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It appears there are two users with the same Display Name - Helle-M. @Helle @DaveR

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What’re the chances of that? It’ll sure confuse things. Is there a way to prevent duplicate user names? I think most forum software can do that.

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Sorry, I should have been more precise, I’m referring to the Display Name. It was a decision made long ago that they would not be unique. Not the choice I would have made and one that’s hard to undo at this point.


but then the assignment shouldn’t rely on this parameter?

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Yes, even if the names are identical every user has a unique database ID. That’s what I remember coding old Classic ASP? And I suppose uploading files should rely on that unique ID even in 3D warehouse?

pssal: My name is Helle M. and the other you refer to is Helle. Not the same, right?
Whaat, I just clicked on “your” Helle … and it refers to me? Okay, now I am confused lol

That is a bunch of bull! There’s a way of manipulating this application. When I first started using SketchUp in 2009 the date of changed to five years later and my user name was just nicale at the time but didn’t find other users models in my warehouse. Someone is using your program

Hmm, for some reason the issue has gone? I wish it was possible to search for users/user names…

You can go to that model again, and see that other Helle M. has a different user ID, and has only made one model. Your models showing up as related may be something that has been fixed since you first saw the problem.

Here is that infamous desk:

Whatever the issue was, I hope you are right and they have solved it :slight_smile: