Two Profiles with Same Name?

Hello Everyone,

This is my first time posting here.

I’ve shared a few models to the 3DWarehouse over the years. Recently, I began seeing a bunch of models with what appeared to be my account name associated with them. I know I did not make those models, so I checked out the profile of the other person. Turns out they’re using the exact same profile name as me, although the URls for their profile and for mine are different.

This might be an honest coincidence, but how can I be sure no-one is trying to pose as me, or anything like that? How common is it for two different people to have the same profile name in the 3DWarehouse?

3D Warehouse allows users with the same name. This was a design decision made a long time ago and we have to live with it, unfortunately. You can set a custom URL for yourself, which can help alleviate some confusion, at least to yourself.

Thank you for your reply. I just want to be sure there’s no funny business going on! Since I use first-name, last initial, it’s makes sense someone else would do the same.