Someone else in 3DW has my name!

I was just browsing through the 3D Warehouse, and entered my name in the author search (Kristin D.). Most of the models I found were indeed mine, but several were by other people with the exact same name. When I clicked to view one of these models, it shows MY models as “related.” I would think that each author should have a unique identifier. It probably doesn’t really matter since nobody knows who I am anyway, but still…

If you watch the URL you will see that you are 6c33bd8c-39f0-4f05-b88d-ec39c633eb0a and Other Kristin will have a different ID. Still, it is curious that models by someone with the same name shows up as being related.

at least you are not alone …

We all Finns have an unique social security number just for this reason. There are so many persons called “Matti Virtanen” that they have an own association and have held meetings.

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