White tags vs white tags - indistinguishable

I have a suggestion, please, could you make more visible the scene tags or labels?
There is a infinitesimal tinny difference between selected, grey, almost white, and not selected, grey too, almost white too but slightly darker.

You may want to check the contrast isn’t turned up too high on your monitor - that will actually make lighter shades appear the same.

I have a display that is proffesssionally calibrated and I can absolutley see a difference between what you are showing

  • although it definately could be better SketchUp team, there are a few areas like this that are don’t consider a typical bad display or offer modern accesibility options.

Windows has some display adjustment tools to help you do this
If you search Windows for “Calibrate Display Color”

or press WINDOWS + R

and type

Which will start it for you and talk you through the adjustments that you might need to make

Thanks for the tip!

I just completed the calibration program, Big improvement.