Tags Greyed out when visibility turned off

I have recently switched from my Sketchup Pro licence to the new Subscription version. previously Tags visibility was indicated by the eye icon being on or off.

The new version also greys out the Tag name description. the problem is that the greyed out description is so faint it’s barely visible. I’m finding this to be extremely frustrating and time consuming when trying to run through Tags and turn them on as I need them.

How or why this was seen to be an improvement I don’t know, but is there a way to either turn on the old method, or at least change the colour of the greyed out description?

It is so annoying having to squint at the screen to try and read the names, I feel I am wasting hours trying to do something which should never be an issue.

There have been multiple posts complaining about this. Hopefully the developers have taken note.

Unfortunately they can only read very pale grey, and all the posts have been clear and easy to read.

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I was thinking that it was just my aging eyes that were failing me. I am so glad to see that others are having the same issue as well.

Me too the text is impossible to read and i have to use a magnifiying glass !