Tags that are not selected are very feint and hard to read

Tags that are not selected are too transparent to read with ease is there a way to give them more definition?

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I presume you mean tags that are set to be hidden like this?
Screenshot - 9_15_2022 , 4_38_13 PM

There is no setting within SketchUp adjusting that however you could make adjustments to the display settings in the control panel for the graphics card. Adjusting the Gamma would help.

I thought this was primarily a Mac issue. Windows, too? As a Mac user, I’m kind of used to taking 2nd place to the Windows community and assumed this wasn’t being fixed for that reason. But if this affects virtually all users, why hasn’t this been fixed? I can’t imagine that the coding that controls the font is very complicated. Just darken it, or alter the color a bit, or put it in italics–anything as long as it’s readable!

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What does this mean? Is there some way to quantify the issue? I’m using a 16" 2019 MacBook Pro, so it’s an integrated system that has been very reliable for me otherwise.

Admittedly, my eyes aren’t what they once were, but I would hope SU would not be indifferent to the needs of people over 50 or with accessibility issues.

For the record, many have complained about this specific issue (unreadable gray font in the tags window). They didn’t post to complain about other menus or other display problems–just the font in the tags window. So I reject the idea that all these people have their displays set wrong, and it just happens to manifest itself only in this one window.

Thanks David,

With the help of u tube, I have adjusted the Gamma and it seems to help a bit.


If tweaking gamma and other contrast settings is not sufficient, I recommend just making the text bigger with Windows Settings if you are using Windows 10.

I have no trouble reading Dave’s light grey text because I am reading this post at a comfortable zoom level which I can adjust at will. However, when I switch over to SketchUp, the light grey text is so small that reading it against a white background is difficult.

Go to Windows Settings > System > Display > Scale and layout. If you are set to the ‘recommended’ value, bump it up to the next setting. This does not change your display resolution; it just makes text and some graphics larger and easier to read. You will notice that your tool icons also become larger, so if you are using large tool buttons you might want to turn that option off.

Thanks Carolyn,

It does help but the two fixers seem to be stopgap solution! Do the sketchup team get the feedback from this forum?

I think the SketchUp team vaguely pays attention; I really don’t know. You could submit a Feature Request. They do read those.

Perhaps they would appreciate some suggestions. It seems they are using a light grey text font with RGB values around 190,190,190. If they were to use a medium grey as I show below, would it help you? I know it would help me, and I can still easily differentiate between visible and hidden items. The darker grey might be getting too close to black, but I can still see the difference.

Then, of course, there is the radical idea of using a different color.


Yes! Also remember that the grey font is a secondary indicator since there is a bold checkbox that also indicates status, so only a minimal change is really needed.

The thing that gets me about this issue is that it has been brought up many times in these forums and SU employees have participated in those discussions. The solution–as you indicated above–is so easy that I can’t think of any reason why they can’t fix it in 15 minutes and include it in the next update. I have a problem with the introduction of new features without fixing old problems first. How about overhauling the horrible component browser for example? Maybe someone can chime in with a link to an SU employee who might be able to help. I forwarded a recent thread about column widths in the Tag window to @kathy_davies. I suggest you forward your post and this thread to her since you offer a very specific solution (I’d go 130,130,130 since the adjacent button is the primary indicator, but 150,150,150 would be OK).


Thank you @CarolynF and @audiobrad - you’re correct, that this is a relatively minor change code-wise and agree that better contrast is definitely needed here. As I mentioned to @audiobrad with regard to column widths for panels, I am actively working on a UI modernization project where we’re tackling all aspects of the UI and UX in SketchUp Pro.

I’m prepping right now for 3D Basecamp (and a quick marathon/trip to Scotland), but upon my return I will be seeking users to help validate our new concepts. I’ll be sure to post out in the forum and CC you both directly.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your pain points - we’re listing and trying to improve your SketchUp experience.


Thanks Kathy!!!


Hi, Kathy–

Thank you! BTW, the Outliner Panel needs the same improvement.

I do look forward to your ideas about the UI and UX.

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I have never developed a fondness for the Components Panel.

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