Highlighted tag difficult to read in SU 2021 for Mac

In SU 2021, highlighted tags are shown with black text on dark blue background. This makes it difficult to read.

It should be white on blue as in SU 2020.

I am on Catalina.

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Hi Paul.

The problem exist only with SU 2021 and only with Tags window.

In SU 2020 it is OK, with white texte on blue background.

I have not changed anything with my preferences when going from Mac OS Mojave to Catalina. SU 2021 was having the same glitch with Mojave.

My System is French Canadian with SU 2020 and 2021 in French, although I am normally using SU in English (2019 and lower versions).

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I know it acts like this since 2021 only, but the post I gave you the link to explains how to fix it. The only down side is that you’ll have to change text settings for the whole OS, but it seems to work

It changes for my system but has no effect in SU.

This must be a glitch or bug since, in the Outliner Window, the highlighted text is white on a dark blue background, as it was in all versions of SU.

It is only in the Tag Window that the highlighted text is black on a dark blue background.

See this screen capture.

And this one where I added the Outliner Window.

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have you restarted sketchup after changes ?


See the edited post with another image.

I also restarted my Mac, no change.

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I’m sorry, it was only a guess on my side, since I don’t have a mac to try it out. But the other user confirmed it worked. you’ll have to wait for another mac user feedback

This is confirmed on SketchUp in macOS on my end as well. This is a clear usability and accessibility issue that should be corrected. Black text on a darker blue background is definitely UI no-no. In some places it’s reversed, in others it’s light gray with black type. Consistency here would be a huge improvement.

Does changing parameters in the OS as described above have any impact for you ?

No, this is an error on SketchUp’s end. macOS would not sacrifice legibility like this. In fact, SketchUp on the right side of the tag window actually does it right. Changing the color in macOS only changes the color. It doesn’t fix the issue that the text is black over the dark color.

I know you had a mac 26 years ago, but things have changed :wink:

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The post you shared only explains how to change the accent/highlight color in the OS. It doesn’t affect the black type override which is in SketchUp.

This is a perfect issue report for a very clear and obvious problem that should be easily and swiftly addressed by the SketchUp team.