Dimmed tags

Does anyone else have a hard time seeing the tag names when they’re toggled to hidden and the names are grayed out?

Some others have reported that. I haven’t had any problem with it on my computers. Maybe it’s a display setting in the OS?

Hi, Dave
Can you post a screenshot of the Tags list from your computer for comparison?

Might not look any different on your display, though.

Screenshot - 9_26_2023 , 1_21_18 PM

Yes. I have been having the same issue on my MAC. I do not think its as issue with the settings but more of the way SU has it. I preferred the older versions where the TAGS called Layers then were much clearer. Maybe Trimble and tweak the graphics to be color codes…red is off and green is on ?

Agreed. But, I’ll bet it never gets corrected.

Your screenshot is definitely more visible, Dave. I can see that. Although, if you happen to select one of the hidden layers, are you still able to see it?

Screenshot - 9_26_2023 , 2_10_05 PM

Maybe this is another reason I’m glad I retired my Mac a few years ago.

maybe so, but you’d think it would work consistently across platforms. how hard can it be to make that happen?

Good question.

Maybe with the recent changes that’ll be a possible thing in an upcoming version.

Yes I agree - same applies with Outliner. I’ve tried on three monitors and my eyes were recently checked, but it seems to me the greyed out text is not as easy to read as it used to be.

If it looked on my Mac like the screenshots DaveR uploaded, I’d be happy with that

Same issue with me, (MBP to Dell Ultrawide monitor). Too bad we couldn’t have user control over such things as colors…saved as a theme.

This video should be rendered in about an hour (by 23:45 Pacific Time)

I use a numbering scheme to sort my tags:


and so on.

This allows you more easily come back and add in another tag between 2 existing ones.

Sorting is done via the fields at the top of the tag list. So, visibility is one of the sorting options. That’s why they’re moving on you when you toggle off visibility. Click on the “header” above the tag name and that will become what they sort on.

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