Which plugin should I use for making slope?

I need to make 3d based on this pic attached. What is the best option? Can you please suggest me plugin or guide me?
ab.pdf (362.1 KB)

Basics of SketchUp at learn.sketchup.com

Which slope exactly?

You are not telling us anything to go by.
Just a large portion of terrain won’t do it.
Please elaborate.

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the angle of the slope is written. and elevation point is mentioned too

For streets, you can use the Rotate tool or Move tool to create those slopes.

When you ask for help, it’s good to specify exactly what you want from the beginning.
Anything on that plan could be slope, even what is outside the area marked in brown.

Regarding plugins, you can search the Extensions Market for what you need - maybe Gradients and Driveways


There are different ways to create a slope, even with native tools. if its a terrain and you have the curves you can use the sandbox tool which is a native plugin included with sketchup pro, I prefer to use fredo´s Toposhaper plugin to generate a terrain.

Is the pdf you shared the only document you have to model the terrain or do you have a dwg file with all the lines properly positioned to create a mesh out of the contours?

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1001 bit- slope selected

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@justgotroyal, to the right is downhill? (Just guessing by the blue on the right.)

Area outside brown is slope too. I need to make rough 3d based on these elevation points in plan.

yes it is. i need to make rough 3d based on these elevation points in plan.

Do you know the distance in Z between the contour lines.

If you do you’ll just have to draw them on Sketchup, move them on the Z axis and use sandbox or toposhaper to create the terrain.

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