Which machine to buy for SketchUp & Vray (No lagging) Huge Files

Hi There, I need to ask which machine should I buy for No Lagging SketchUp & VRAY Rendering
The File Size may exceed 500 MBs
Which Graphics card should I Install & What processor is best for heavier works. The Machine I am using right now is not capable of handling heavy files. The render timing is not good.
Processor: i7-10700
NVIDIA Geforce 1660 Super
32 GB Ram

The answers are different regarding SketchUp itself vs for V-Ray.

SketchUp will use only a single core regardless of how many your CPU provides. So, you want to find a CPU with the fastest single-core rating you can find. Be aware, though, that the speed differences between available Intel and AMD CPUs differ by relatively small amounts. A huge model will likely overwhelm anything you can get.

The sizes of the RAM and SSD are less important, though to future-proof you might want to consider 64GB of RAM.

V-Ray, unlike SketchUp, can use multiple CPU cores. So a CPU with larger number of them will help with rendering performance. Also, V-Ray is targeted at NVidia graphics, using its CUDA cores to advantage. A decent, new NVidia graphics should do well. Gaming oriented graphics are usually of a lesser benefit, as they specialize in displaying pre-rendered scenes and animations.

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So please can you suggest to me some good things to buy. No budget issues.

Huge file, big amount of edges and faces, high resolution rendering… can force any today’s machine to its knees.

Click for "No budget issues." :-)

No budget issues.

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More seriously.
Currently, these are among the best performing::
Processor: Intel Core i9‑12900K or i7‑12700K
Graphic card: Geoforce RTX 3090 or 3080Ti
As much as possible RAM
Fast SSD

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And compared to your current setup the experienced performance increase would be, I guess, something like 10…15%. You have a problem that cannot be solved with computer hardware alone.


The Problem:

What else is required? Can you mention please?

Thank You
Good suggestion. Well noted with many thanks.
But Someone in my contact referred me for a dual graphics card.
What do you think? Would that help me?

Dual or multiple graphics cards significantly reduce rendering time. Of course, the rendering software has to handle these. I think most of render sw can do it. If I remember right VRay is one of it… I do not have experience personally.

If budget isn’t an issue, you may want to try out Chaos Cloud before buying your own rendering super computer. Also, to help optimize your performance while modeling, which version of V-Ray are you using? Are you using Chaos Cosmos proxy assets?

See example below where I have over 200 mb of high poly assets loaded and yet only 15k polygons and a file size of 560kb.

Well, Thank You So Much. Means a lot.

Thank You. I will definitely try this one out.
Thank You So Much

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