Processors - Single processor or dual?

Hey there fellow SU users. I’m in the market for a new pc for sketchup with vray plugin. I understand that SU is not a multlthread application when it comes to processor’s. Which of the two option below would be faster when running SU and the Vray plugin?

Single Processor - More cores slower clock speed or
Single Processor - Less cores faster clock speed?

higher clock speed of the CPU for SketchUp (intel Core i7-4790K or better), more cores preferrably with a high clock speed for V-Ray too. Do not buy AMD CPUs/GPUs, do not buy below a intel Core i5 of at least the 4th generation.

btw, V-Ray RT f. Windows can run on one or more OpenCL/CUDA enabled nVidia graphics cards (e.g. GeForce GTX).

Expanding a bit, SU uses only a single core and will not benefit from multi-core. So for SU itself, get the highest clock speed you can. Many renderers can use multiple cores. I am not sure about Vray, but if it multi-cores it will benefit from that more than from clock speed (the fastest CPU probably won’t be double and certainly won’t be quadruple the clock of the slowest).