Computer Processor Performance

In regards to computer performance. I run both Sketchup and Vray. At present I have the Ryzen 5 5600x
6 Core processor. Will upgrading my processor improve speed and over all performance.

That is a pretty good processor, upgrading to. 5950x will for sure increase the performance with vray if you do renders using the cpu, the performance gains with sketchup wont be noticeable, the single core performance of the 5600x and the 5950x are very similar.

I say the 5950x cause it’s the best that can be used with your motherboard.

A benchmark gives it 3360 points for single-thread performance. The fastest processor in the same benchmark gets 4790 points. I would say the difference would be noticeable but not mind-boggling, given that computers don’t work by processor alone, And you can buy four of your processors for the price of the “fastest”.

Thanks very much for the response francisquitof, very helpful.

Like you mentioned in your previous post the upgrade to the 5950X will not benefit Sketchup much but will certainly help with the renderings in Vray. My computer gets bogged down with the renderings sometimes.

Thanks Anssi for the response. I never thought of using a benchmark program to compare computer performances.

Are you using CPU for rendering, while you have a RTX card? A RTX card should outperform almost any CPU if you use RTX or CUDA rendering in V-Ray.

i have heard that the performance or size of the CPU can affect how the GPU can perform.