Vray 2 for sketchup

Is my pc qualites qualified to make a nice realistic renderings ? Because it’s not , when i do the same vray settings in another pc it looks whay more realistic , is this even reasonable ?
My pc ( Operating System : x64

Graphics Card: Intel® core™ i7 - 6700 CPU @ 3.40 GHz


intel core I7 is your processor, not your graphic card. Anyway vray 2 for sketchup does not take in charge GPU rendering (only the RT mode will use it, and you can always switch for CPU RT), only your processor will calculate the render.
Your processor listed above will do fine but depending on what you want to render, you also need to have a good amount of RAM.
there is no reason why it would be more realistic on another PC with the exact same settings. It will just go faster or slower. (or it might be due to broken links to textures)

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Well , that was helpful thanks for replaying
My 2 grafic card s: 1) intel ® HD graphics 530
2) Radeon ™ RX 460 graphics

İf there must be any missing qulity in my pc could you mintion it please . Thanks

The current version of VRAY uses only NVIDIA GPU’s (as well as the CPU) for rendering.

If you plan to upgrade VRAY, you may want to consider an NVIDIA graphics card to speed up rendering.

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I have vray 2 is it the same ?

Check out their website -


Thanks , Actually iam not welling to upgrade the old version …

then upgrading your graphic card won’t help speeding up your renderings. and again, a better hardware won’t make a better quality for renderings,it will just make them faster.

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But from your experience , is my CPU (by CPU I mean not GPU) only capable of talking a good rendering ? Thanks alot by the way :heart:

Your CPU is capable of creating a perfectly good rendering. As @paul.millet pointed out, quality of a rendering isn’t dependent on the type of CPU/GPU handling the process.

Thanks everyone for answering my questions , obviously though iam not much of a computer person … :slightly_smiling_face:


I think there is a possibility that the difference you are visually seeing between your computer set up and the other PC might be a difference in monitors. There is a wide range of qualities on the market. Best.

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Thanks , can you suggest me a good nividia graphic card but in range of (300-450$ ) ?