What are the best settings for SketchUp/Vray?

Hi Everybody,

What is the best SketchUp/VRAY configuration/Settings for a PC with the below components as I really don’t see a big difference between this high end PC and my old PC which was far away lower than this one?

I really appreciate your answer. My current new pc specs are as follows:

Processor == Intel Core i9-9900K 8 Cores.
Hard Disk == SSD Samsung 960 PRO 1TB, SSD PCIe NVMe M.2
V-Card == ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 TI
Operating System == Windows 10 Pro 64X

SketchUp Version == 2019 Pro

My Old PC was All-in-One hp Pavilion 23 P111ne with 4th Generation Processor i5 4590T, upgraded RAM to Adamanta 16GB & upgraded hard disk to SSD Samsung 860 EVO 1TB.

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check the basics, first.

Install al software while logged in your normal user account and rightclick on the installers to choose: ‘Run as Administrator’ (SketchUp, V-ray and Nvidia Drivers)

Check if SketchUp is using the ROG in Window->Preferences->OpenGL->Graphic Card Details

Check to set the Engine in the Asset Editor to the right CPU/GPU: Settings->Render-Engine

Use a ‘benchmark’ model to compare (eg. the same)

Also note the laws of rendering: