System configuration for Sketchup and V-ray

Hi guys,
I am new to the community, I am a college student and I am kicking off my career in Interior Design, My college recommends using SketchUp and V-ray. I am not sure what kind of PC Config I need which can be future proof for at least some years until I start earning for my work. I have mentioned my current setup below. Please recommend to me what should I upgrade.

My current setup:

CPU - i3 6100 (dual core)

GPU - RTX 2060

RAM - 8gb

Storage - 1TB SSD

Thanks in Advance

RTX 2060 should be a good start, i3 and 8GB are probably rather at the lower end of the recommended hardware, but are still sufficient for most cases, just is then often a bit slower than possible.

SketchUp is single-threaded so it is not hungry for processor cores, but V-Ray can use all you have. But V-ray supports GPU rendering and RTX 2060 works very well with that. There might be a couple of advanced render features that only work with CPU.

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