Help! Will my new computer run SketchUp with V-Ray smoothly?

I was wondering if this computer (which I ordered today) will be able to run SketchUp including rendering software (like V-Ray) smoothly without the processor/graphics card wearing out? Whenever I see people’s designs of big detailed buildings and interiors, I wonder if they either use computers like the one mentioned or if they go for more high-end “super computers”.

The website is in Swedish but I’m sure it’s easy to understand the specifications below.

Almost anything will run SketchUp. From memory there were some Open GL issues with certain GPU’s. Not sure if that’s been fixed. I note that the RTX 2060 is mentioned elsewhere in the forum with issues, so maybe look more closely at that.

There have been quite a few threads recently about what you need for Sketchup and for rendering. It seems the requirements are very different.

SU is designed to run on quite low powered computers and can only make use of a single thread however many your processor has.

Rendering programmes, OOH, need oodles of power. Speed of processor, number of threads, amount of RAM, speed of RAM access, speed and capacity of video card, all play their part. Of course, it also depends on what you want to do. If you only want to render a still shot and you don’t have too many light sources or reflective materials you should get away with a less capable machine than if you want to animate things.

The usual rule probably applies. If you think you need x amount of power, it’s best to get at least 2x just to be sure and to future proof things for a while. If you can afford it.

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It will probably run SketchUp quite well. When you get it, check that drivers, especially for the Nvidia card, are up to date.