SketchUp Pro 2018 + Vray 3.6 Recommended Laptop?

Hey everyone,

Need a little help here choosing a laptop suitable for running SketchUp pro 2018 and Vray 3.6. I’m looking for updated information on processor, graphics card, ram, storage space, and brand. The stuff I’m finding on the forum is kind of outdated. So far this is what I’ve come up with:
Processor: Intel i7
graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 1080
ram: at least 16 GB
storage space: SSD 128 GB minimum, if HDD need 1 TB
Brand(windows only): Dell, Asus, Hp, ??
Anyone know of a current laptop combining all of these specs from a national retailer? Need to develop a quote for my employer.
Thanks for your time everyone!

There have been numerous threads on the topic of choosing a computer for SketchUp and Vray. You might have a search of the forum and see what you can learn.

Your specs and choice of vendors looks about right, possibly 500GB SSD as a minimum.

Also consider a more dedicated workstation supplier with more expertise, such as:


More expensive, but likely to help avoid ongoing issues with laptops running 3D and render apps.

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GSTUDIOS, thanks for the SSD info . Boxx seems like a great option to check out. I will be following your advice. Thank you for your time.

Some of the key advantages of Boxx and Eurocom laptops are the use of desktop CPU’s and chipsets, avoiding complications of running 3D and render software.
Boxx has a history of reliably overclocking CPU’s too, which is a key performance advantage for single threaded apps including SketchUp.

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