Where's all the buttons

Hi all
I’ve been away from SU for about a year , so I upgraded to pro 2017
I used to have about 7 rows of buttons but all I see know is about 10
Are there any tutorials for 2017, I was pretty good last year but now I can’t start🤔
Thanks Dean

I’m not sure what buttons you are refering to but you can try View > Toolbars and enable Large Toolset, Style and maybe Views. Perhaps you are also missing some plugins you used to have in the previous version.

Ok thanks will give it a go
The buttons , I mean the tools
Also how to do a move / copy?
I used to click the move button then control and move to where I wanted the copy

If you have 7 rows of toolbars, you could probably downsize them a bit. I have no more than 2 rows. When the Toolbar Window is open, you can drag tools between toolbars, and drop unwanted tools into the screen to make them go away (you can always Reset to get them back). Want to post a screenshot?
Also, Extensions usually have Menu or Context commands, so there is rarely a need to eat up your screen space with the buttons. I close out most of those.

Copying works the same as before. Tap Control while the Move tool is active.
You can Google the tutorials, there are a few. There are also online trainers available, like myself, @DaveR, or a dozen others.

Do you know how to use Trays?

I think I’m just a bit rusty
Also now I’m on a Mac mini with a pic keyboard , would that make a problem?

What are trays?

@deanlegg1, yes, being on a Mac changes everything. I use both, and it’s an adjustment, at first.

To Copy, now you tap Option with Move.

Also, Trays aren’t on a Mac, so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a fairly new feature on PCs only for Sketchup.

If you upload a screenshot, we might be able to make your workspace more efficient.

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