Where tu download sketch up for OS X 10.3.9

i need to know where to download sketch up for OS X 10.3.9

The available Sketchup versions can be downloaded from this link. Download All | SketchUp

I don’t believe any of them will go back that far, though.

i use it. but it don´t work

I expect you’ll need to upgrade or get a different computer to be able to run SketchUp. OSX 10.3 is 10 or more years old.

i found this… i tell you if it works… http://www.oldapps.com/mac/es/sketchup.php?system=mac_os_x_10.6_snow_leopard_intel

I’d be reluctant to download SketchUp from that source but you can try it. Be aware, even if the program runs, it won’t be entirely functional.

i know… but there´s nowhere.!

finally i don’t use that link… I WORK WITH THE ORIGINAL 2014 AND IT WORKS… THANK YOU!