Where to post errors/shortcomings for SU2019

I’m having a handful of hangups with 2019 with models that don’t have any unusual geometry. Scaling issues and some other things (same models saved as 2018 work fine). I would like to report them so things can get updated and better for 2019 software. Forgive my ignorance here.


There are already several threads established for v2019 you can search for. There isn’t a ‘Bug’ category but there is one for ‘venting’ and one for ‘feature requests.’ Try just posting a screenshot, gif or video here of just one of your ‘bugs’ and someone will jump in and see what they can do to help. fyi - Posting a bunch of issues, unless they’re related make it harder to address in one post.

It would probably be best to start a thread in the SketchUp Technical Problems category and make sure to include SKP files that illustrate the problems you are having.


Hey guys, thank you very much for your help. I don’t know exactly when, but not a crazy amount of time later, the things I was having trouble with, must have been noticed by others, and fixed by the Sketchup team. 2019 is cruising along smoothly. Again, thank you for taking time to answer my dumb question. I greatly appreciate the community around the sketchup platform.

@2atays Sketchup 2019 hasn’t had an updated release so anything that wasn’t working and is now working would be related to your specific setup. A windows update or driver update etc may have fixed your issues.

@Box, that, or my computer is just finally ready to have a new friend, and it is ready to let go of 2018, it’s a sentimental machine. Seriously though, I was a little worried that was the case, I didn’t get any requests from SU to update, I just hoped that there was a background one I didn’t know about, because problems that just go away for no reason (obviously there is a reason, possibly a windows update as you mentioned), BUT no clearly defined reason are scary. Don’t get me wrong, definitely like things working, just not knowing if whatever was previously a problem will come it off nowhere again makes me nervous.